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Sar Petfood was established in 1994. We are specialized in "dog treats”.  

Our treats are made out of EC certified animal products, which we purchase
from EC-certified companies. Our treats (dried, fortified animal products) are
produced without any preservatives or additives. This protects naturally-occurring
vitamins, minerals and proteins during the manufacturing process.
We heat the ingredients to 90 degrees Celsius, which kills all potentially-harmful
bacteria (e.g. salmonella, enteros.) We follow all applicable HACCP guide lines. 


Our company is regularly overseen and examined by VWA(Food Authority).
In particular, we follow guideline 1774/2002. This ensures that all of our
products are sampled, manufactured, labeled, and can be traced back to original sources.


Our dog treats provide the following health benefits:
- Dental plaque removal  and maintenance of a healty set of teeth.
- Vitamins and minerals for healthy fur, bones and eyes
- Keeps your dog’s digestive system naturally active
- Allows selection of the proper treats for older as well as younger dogs   
- For this reason our treats are an integral part of your dog’s healthy diet.


We have the following standard packaging options:

- Bulk

- End user retail   

- Private Labeling

We are always ready to discuss custom options that fit your particular needs.

Handicraft frozen meat     

We produce the most delicious Dog treats

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