A small sample of what we do:

As we indicate in our introduction already is that we get all raw materials from
certified slaughterhouses. All products are controlled and selected by us. 
We can offer a continuous quality product to our customers.
This proces takes place in special drying chambers where the temperature and
moisture is controlled. To be sure that all the bacteries are reduced
to a Food Authority  approved level.

After the drying process we controll and select the products again.
then they will be stored in our warehouse.
Now our products are ready to be selected for our custumors
Each customer can have his own labelling and packing.

Many packaging possibilities are negotiable from bulk to the smallest packaging .
Our target group is export, Wholesale,  retail chains and purchasing organisations.
Our products are all equipped with product analyses, due date. and batch codes
We comply with all requirements.

Many things are possible and negotiable
"we are flexible"

We produce the most delicious Dog treats