Ct. 12 x 1000 gr
Ct. 20 x 500 gr.

Our meat mixes:
Chicken-mix (chicken - beef - lamb)
Duck-mix (duck - beef - lamb)
Goose-mix (goose - beef -Lam)
Salmon-mix (salmon - beef - lamb)
Turkey-mix (turkey - beef - lamb)
Horse/Wild (Horse - rabbit - pheasant)
Horse (just with calcium from the horse)
Turkey (just with calcium from the turkey)
Rabbit (just with calcium form the rabbit)

We can also make your own private label, just ask for the possibilities.

Our freshmeat mixes:
Our freshmeat mixes have a balanced complete, dogfood consisting of three protein sources and is available in 1kg. freezed sausages. The fresh meat is prepared with great care and after preparation equal frozen to optimize the nutrients to ensure. 

These freshmeat mixes contains:
60% muscle meat, 20% bone, 20% organics. 

For possibilities please contact:
Tel. 0546-538879 or mail 

We produce the most delicious Dog treats